About Me

Frederick Grippo is a New Jersey-based entrepreneur. He is well educated, with a degree in Business Administration, and has a great talent for growing money, selling products, and growing businesses. Grippo spent the first seven years of his illustrious career excelling in sales and being promoted into management positions. Since those early times, he has combined his sales and managerial skills with any number of personal interests to succeed in numerous industries. He has developed many unique businesses and mobile apps and helps others make and manage their money. He is a fearless self-motivator who states that, when he has a passion for something, he just dives right in. Grippo engaged this approach with his passion for technology. The rest, as they say, is history.

Grippo’s diverse blend of experience results in an extensive list of specialized skills that he happily brings to the table. Those skills run the gamut and include, among others:

Strong communication skills

Customer retention


Sales management

Managerial finance

Customer Service, and



Growing up in Marlboro Township, New Jersey, Grippo graduated from Marlboro High School in 1998. He then went on to try and obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the prestigious Business School at New Jersey’s own Rutgers University.

Past Career Moves:

Frederick Grippo began his sales career at Merrill Lynch. He quickly became a successful financial advisor to high-net-worth individuals, business owners, and corporate 401K accounts. He decided to relocate closer to home and try something new. The automobile sector. Once he learned the business, and after succeeding in moving an average of 52 units per month, he earned a promotion to General Sales Manager. As such, Grippo became responsible for three locations and 124 employees. He had found the thing for which he had a talent, and others certainly recognized this, as well.

With a desire to expand his horizons and work for himself, Grippo then started and grew Empire Health Group, an insurance brokerage. Under Grippo's Leadership, Empire Health Group experienced growth of up to multiple satellite offices and more than 23 agents.


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